Tuesday, July 14, 2009

How Tall is Tall?

Here is a picture of my DH, Jay. He is 6'4" tall. Does that give you any clue as to how tall our yucca plant is??? It doesn't bloom every year. All of a sudden we saw the spike getting closer and closer to opening up with its gorgeous creamy bells......and here it is!! Not the most flattering picture of Jay, but it sure does put the plant in perspective! I was hoping the rest of the blossoms would open so I could show you all of them, but they fall off soon after opening. I'm glad I took the photo when I did!!


Emma F said...

Wowser! Now that's what I call tall (the plant, not DH ... although he IS tall too!).

Joan Ervin said...

Whoohoo!!! There is the famous DH Jay....now I can put a face to the name!!! That is quite a plant, Anne!!!

Amy said...

I think Dad looks great! So does the plant... and boy, this picture is deceiving... can't even see the street... :)