Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Think Pink

On the phone with DD today, she asked what the sketch was, and what I had used as a  panel image.  When I told her pink crocuses, she laughed, and said she thought I was trying to skip Winter entirely.  Works for me!!

The last Christmas gift arrived yesterday and is wrapped, so I guess we are ready.  We will celebrate tonight with DS Paul, Debbie, and grandson Jake.  Paul is having hip surgery tomorrow, so will be unable to be here, of course.  Since it's also Hannukah, Jake will be glad to get his C/H gift early, and not have to wait.  I think Debbie and Jake may pop in on Christmas, to deliver Cousin gifts, and receive as well.

We are apparently NOT going to have a white Christmas after all, and I am so glad, although the snow is always beautiful.  This way, we can all be together without the worry of bad driving.  Hope you are hunkered down for your own holiday, and that it will be wonderful.  Hugs to you all.