Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Swan Greetings and a Picture of DH!!

I love this image! I used the swan from "Our Side of the Pond" from Mark's Finest Papers for the Sketch Challenge this morning. I made lots of layers, and lots of dimensionals to make the swan really stand out. At first I had part of a saying about there being no ugly ducklings, but then couldn't figure out who to send it to, so I went back and changed it. I also took pictures three different times, and finally got it in focus. I hope you like it.

We are awaiting ANOTHER snowstorm. The weather guys are proming a foot of snow, but I hope they are wrong. We have nowhere to put any more. I am hunkered down, plenty of food, but I have to say I really hate the stuff. So does DH, but we were talking about it last night, and decided we'd rather live here and put up with it, than live somewhere else!

Oh! And speaking of DH, he took a spill over a pair of his shoes in the hall and landed on his forearm. This is what it looks like five days later:

When he went to volunteer at the school (as he does almost every day, now that he's retired), the school nurse told him she had seen some real bruises in her day, but this was IMPRESSIVE!! Luckily, nothing is broken, and he says it doesn't even hurt! What a guy!! He's really doing fine.

This is the longest blog for me ever. And I'm done. Have a good one, and cross your fingers that the snow will pass us by!