Saturday, December 12, 2009

IC210 Peaceful Lamb

Isn't this just the sweetest lamb? It's a Bosscut, and the few I have of these wonderful cut outs are fabulous I think.

The Inspiration Challenge at SCS today I thought was awful....IMHO. The items were ugly, and most were put on something that looked like a spiky dog collar. How do you make anything out of that???

I took my pinking nesties and pale blue which was on some of the items, and went with my own idea. I have a wonderful friend who lives far away now. We have bought each other sheep and lambs for years. I try to send her something like this every Christmas, and I think she will love it. It all stems from a joke someone told us a long time ago (and not a clean joke, but so funny we couldn't look at each other for days without bursting into peals of laughter), and the gifts began then. I think maybe it's been going on for about 20 years. So that's my story....and my card for today. Have a fabulous day, ALL of you, and hugs to you from me!