Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Puffer Fish

Today I am starting with an explanation. This was a simple sketch, but for me it was nothing but trouble. Everything that could go wrong did, and a few other things did too. The glue I was using was VERY much in fact that things got stuck down in the wrong places too soon. I ran out of dp, and had to piece it after it got stuck down to my cs, and I had to replace that too. The punch got stuck, I couldn't figure out how to cover up the holes in the button so they wouldn't show. I had only a scrap of the right color ribbon, and in the picture, it looks like it's now way near what I had in mind. When taking the photo of the card, the light was so awful I couldn't get a true color, or get the glitter to show up. I should have quit when the first thing went wrong! Now here's the final truth......I really like it!
Thanks for looking and putting up with my whining!! Hugs.