Friday, March 26, 2010

I Love/Hate Cats!!

I love little furry creatures. I probably will never have another cat, but I really have fun with those that belong to my friends and family.

The challenge today at SCS is to make a card other than A2, inspired by your favorite musical. My favorite is My Fair Lady. I also love Bye, Bye Birdie, which I saw with Dick Van Dyke on Broadway. I couldn't come up with anything I really liked for the first, and have done a number of birds lately, so those were out.
I have this crazy friend, Cheryl, who has three cats at the moment (she's had more, believe me!), and she's having a birthday shortly. This card is for her.

Now to the Hate part of the story. When Cats was first playing in Boston, we bought outrageously expensive tickets with two other couples. We went to a pricey restaurant for dinner, then to the theater. At the intermission, we talked it over, and all went home. We hated it. The costuming was fabulous, but nonetheless, we hated it. Now I'm sure some of you loved it, but it just wasn't our thing. That's my story about Cats, and I'm stickin' to it!!

And it's snowing! Is eight o'clock in the morning too early to start drinking?????!