Thursday, April 30, 2009

Black and black...and oh yeah, RED

Today's challenge was to make a black card. Well, you know I use black a lot, but never just black. White goes great with black, but then again, so does RED! I know, I know. You are totally shocked! If you scroll through my gallery, you will see that I am telling the truth! I was so glad to see the WT......knowing my favorite color would be allowed!

I love the quilted look. I am no good at quilting, but I have an Aunt who is FABULOUS!! She will like this card for sure.

Thanks for joining me here today. Have a wonderful, fun, creative afternoon. I'm off to pick up my WEIRD DGS (4th grade), so I'll be back later to comment. (I went shopping after my PT some new Tim Holtz stuff I'm dying to try out. CU!!)