Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Holding Hands By Holding Tails

For the CC today. When I saw the color challenge, the only thing I could think of was pink elephants! One of my favorite poems has these lines:
....And when they walk, it never fails,
They're holding hands by holding tails.
I hope you can see that's what they are doing.

Yesterday we went to Mom's to do some things for her, and concluded the day by attending a dinner meeting. The Italian restaurant had wonderful food, and the wine was flowing freely! I thought this was a fun card to send to the person who set it up, to let him know how much we enjoyed the "refreshments"! At the next meeting, there will be some talk about pink elephants, you can be sure!!

If this is the way my day is starting, I think it may be a lost day. My brain just may be a little soft!! It's all downhill from here!!! Oh boy!!!

Have a great day, and thanks for visiting. I love your comments...thanks for those too!!