Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tulips in RED

As you can probably guess, I was going through withdrawal from lack of RED in my cards, so for the SC today, I gave in. I love the dots........wish I had this paper in RED, but alas, I've NEVER had any! *sigh* I hope you like this......I also made it for the RED Divas.

DH just came home from the office. I have been invited to the British Beer Company for lunch. Waddaya think? Should I go??????? I'm not a beer kinda gal, but their lunch menu is FAB! What a day! This afternoon, DS Paul, DIL Debbie and DGS Jake are coming with LOBSTERS (oh, this is New England - LOBSTAHS!) YUM! No cooking for me today. YAY!

The new neighbors are very young and cute! Laura and Rob. All I could think of was Dick Van Dyke's old show - they were Rob and Laura Petrie. No problem remembering their names!! They looked really tired, but they invited me in. I said later, when you are settled, and came home. Thought you might like the update. Seeya later.