Saturday, March 20, 2010

Roses and Tulips today!!

My card for the Inspiration Challenge today is on the right, and you can see I chose a Chocolate Rose to copy. It sure is a good thing there is no chocolate in the house, because I would be scarfing it all up after seeing the website of pretty food!!
The Rose I made is covered with Crystal Effects, and is shiny and glossy, just like you-know-what. Instead of the glass of milk, I used a white ribbon. I really love how it came out!
My second card is for a brand new challenge started by the one and only Anne Ryan, who named a QUEEN FOR THE DAY, and today that person is MarilynPreston, otherwise known as Peggy! Her gallery is wonderful, her comments are the sweetest, and she is just an all-around favorite. How fitting for her to be selected. Her favorite color is BLUE, so there will be lots of it in the gallery in her honor!
That's it for me. Have a great day.