Saturday, February 12, 2011

Get Well for Mom

Today I am feeling blue. Mom is feeling yucky. I had hoped to see her this weekend, but she called early yesterday to say she really needed to stay at home. This card is already in the mailbox, waiting for the pickup. I hope it will pick up her spirits too!
This card is made from the tutorial by Jenna Barber. I used scraps of different pieces of blue, and it went together so easily! I'll make more of these for sure.
Tom and Cheryl (our BFF's) will be here for dinner.........corned beef and cabbage.......and cards. DH is in Boston, officiating at a college Track Meet, DGS Jake just left with DS Paul, so I am, as they say, FREE at LAST!! Have a great day. To those of you who commented here for the MFP Blog Hop, thanks a bunch. Bye!