Friday, May 4, 2012

QFTD Betty

Our Queen for the Day is Betty Wright.  What a sweet and talented lady she is!!  I had no problem finding a card of hers to case.  Just the opposite....too many!!

Betty, I hope you like how I changed your card to make it mine.  Enjoy your reign as Queen!

Betty does a lot of sewing, and as a former dressmaker, you'd think I would love to do it. NOT!  I used machine.

Had a busy day already.  Got up early and drove to Mom's to meet the guy who put in her Stair-lift.  I packed my car with more of her stuff, and drove home.  He arrived shortly after I did, and there was a slight problem.  He left for an hour to get more tools, so I took Mom out to lunch.  He came back, and I took her to the hairdresser.  I'll go back and get her in 45 min., and I'm sure he won't be done.  A lot of running around, but it will be easier for her to get upstairs to her bedroom here.  PHEW!  I'm tired out!

Have a great day, and be sure to check out Betty's beautiful gallery at SCS.