Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Up and Stamping at 4 AM for the DDC and MMTPT63!

Today is our 46th Anniversary! Woo-Hoo........it sure goes fast!

The only thing wrong with making cards early in the morning is taking photos of them! Anyway...........The Doubledog Dare Challenge today is hosted by Francie G. who dared us to make a card with a button. Easy Peasy! Join us, and put DDC in your keyword.

If your card should be RED, don't forget to add RedDivas to your keyword.

The MMTPT Tea Party is being held in NY this week. We are going there to help a ladybug who is being threatened by a bug thug. This Queen ladybug has gotten together the bravest and strongest of her buddies to fly to a friend in need. They hope that by sheer numbers they can prevent an all-out battle! They will probably all arrive after we have had tea and dessert, and then I'll be skedaddling! The idea of a bug war just isn't my cup of tea!!