Sunday, July 31, 2016

Our Fabulous Fisherman

Yesterday, the crown was passed.  My DH, Jay, has been the "cham-peen" fisherman in the family for many years.  He caught a mail bag, and a snapping turtle off the Floating Bridge in Lynn MA as a kid.  Later, in Wellfleet, on the Cape, with squid for bait, he caught 2 sandsharks and 2 squids.  Amazing, right?

The trophy now goes to our grandson Jake, shown here on the day he got his license and car this month.

Yesterday, he drove alone to our house to celebrate his 17th birthday with fun socks (tigers, zebras, and ice cream cones ~ he LOVES fun socks!) and a check.  While he was here, he treated us to this story:

He was fishing with his other grandfather and two family friends, and fell asleep in the boat with his line in the water.  He woke  up when he realized he had something on the end....a BASS.  The only one that was caught during his annual fishing week.

Later, they were trolling, and he felt a little pull, thinking it was weeds, so he pulled up his line to find on the end of the hook.......... Wait for it...........a CLAM!

We all felt it was only fair to give the honor of fabulous fisherman to Jake, for catching fish while sleeping, and catching a clam with a rod and reel.  I'm sure you'll agree he is worthy!