Tuesday, August 25, 2009

DDC, Dance For Joy!

I am dancing for joy today with these cute girls from TAC! The CC today is to make a card in RED, .......oh yeah.....and some other colors! LOL! You know how I feel about RED, and how I use every opportunity to sneak some in, one way or another!! I got a pm from Christine at chrisations.ink early this morning, telling me the CC. She thought this would be a big day for additions to the RedDivas gallery. YOU BET!!! If you should do the CC, and make a RED card, be sure you put RedDivas in your keyword so we can find it there.

This week's hostess for the Doubledog Dare Challenge is Joan Ervin, who dared us to make a card with glamorous women. I would say this sure qualifies!! Thanks, Joan.

DH and I had a wonderful DATE yesterday. We enjoy dates, even though we are retired and spend quite a bit of time together. On September 8th, we will be celebrating 46 years married. Wow! Does the time go fast.

Have a great day.........be creative.......be kind.........do something RED!! (LOL!)