Friday, June 15, 2012

Tutorial Time - Lois Bak's Train Tunnel!

If you go HERE, you will be linked to the Tutorial Time with SpeedyTV, and can see how Lois showed us how to make this card.  It was really fun, and is the 3rd tutorial.   If you click on my card, you can see a close-up.

Join us every Friday for a new tutorial!

A Two-fer!

Here's another sneak peek of Welcome Poppies that will be released in a Blog Hop here next Tuesday.

I used this image in a layout to honor our Queen For The Day, cathymac at SCS.  This is something I seldom do, layer the two images to overlap, and I kinda like it.

I went to the hand surgeon yesterday, and have an appt. with him for July 7th to have my thumb fixed.  He will take out a bone at the base, drill a hole in the long bone, and thread a tendon from my arm into it.  He says it's really easy, and always works.  I'll be glad to be pain free, finally.  Until then, I'll be stamping like crazy to get ahead on all my challenges!! Wish me luck.

Have a great day!