Friday, December 18, 2009

Ornament with a Cardinal

This has been quite a day. I had a Dr. appt for some steroid shots in my neck and head at 8:30. We got lost, and after 45 minutes, found the office. He was late so it was okay. I got out of there at a little after 11, so DH said we should go out for lunch, and I should have a glass of wine. I didn't argue with that.
He needed a couple pair of slacks for his Officiating of Winter Track and Field, so we got those, and got home about 1:30. The LSC was waiting for me, so I got to work.
My Jake is coming here after school today. He and Mommy are Jewish, so I wait to trim the tree until he can do it with me. He loves to put up the ornaments his Dad made when he was a little boy. I thought he might enjoy making an ornament too, so i cut extra silver and gold fleur-de-lis, and stamped a Santa face for him to color. That should be enough...he's only 10. Phew. Busy day.
NANCYRUTH (Levine) has been a primary enabler in making this ornament....she FORCED me to buy this Spellbinder template. She just FORCED me! that's it. Hope you like it. Seeya.