Saturday, December 17, 2011

Inspiration Challenge - West End


These cards were inspired by recycled items for sale at West End. There were beautiful ceramic pots in different colors holding white tulips, and pinecone Christmas tree ornaments.  I think  you can figure out which is which.

Today DD and DSIL will be here with the grands.  Apparently Tommy and John got VERY short haircuts, and their mother is in the doghouse for it!  DGD Erin still has her long hair, so mom has at least one person on her side!!  We haven't seen them all for a while, I guess since Thanksgiving, so this is a treat for us.  They will be here for Christmas, as well as eldest DS and family.  Middle son Paul is having hip surgery on the 22nd (again), so will not be here, but we hope to see Debbie, and son Jake for a small part of the day.

We are invited out for lunch today, and will watch some football until family arrives.  Just a fun day for us.  Hope you are having a fun day too!  Hhugs to you all.