Saturday, April 25, 2009

More for the mini VSN

I decided to do two more for the VSN mini today. The second challenge was to do a card with gold, and that was really easy. The third was to choose one of the Beatles' songs from the Love album, and make a card to fit it. I couldn't decide, so ended up with a medley of my own choosing...Octopus' Garden and HELP! I think you can figure out which is which. The octopus image is new...from Fred Mullett, and I just love his designs! I thought it should really show up, so the cameo coral was my first choice. The gel fish, caught in his/her arms is very shiny.....and the sentiment seemed appropriate. A little crazy today. I am off to the hottub, the sun, and I am halfway through Eclipse. Edward is calling! Bye!

Bee-utiful Bear

Today Mom went home. After picking up a million things, I sat down to take a look at SCS, and discovered there was a mini-virtual stamp night going on. I may not do a lot of the challenges, but I decided to do the first. Blackjack was the name of the game, and each item on the card has a value. Mine adds up to 21! YAY! I made this bear a bee, and gave him stripes and antennae. He, of course, holds honey. Yay for honey too! I will probably spend a few times in the hottub, resting my sore feet, and enjoying some really warm weather...YAY again! Thanks for your comments, and for joining me here and at my SCS gallery! Hugs, and have a wonderful day!