Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Paper-Pieced Boat and MMTPT60

I love these colors together for the Color Challenge - Teal, Cocoa, vanilla. I have a cousin who is a ship captain. He works one month, then has a month off. His wife is very used to it, but I would HATE it!! I usually make him cards with SHIPS on them, but today I thought I would make him smile with a tugboat. He actually did handle the tugboat that brought the QE2 into NY harbor a few years ago! He is a really sweet guy, and I just adore him!

This is also for Teapot Tuesday. We are going to Peggy's Cove in Nova Scotia for the teaparty today. It's jojot's favorite place, and I love it too!! We have to bring fish, but instead I am bringing my tugboat that is so cute, fish just love to see it, and swim right up to the side. These fish will be really easy to catch, and fresh fish are not so smelly!! I think this is a much better idea!! I'm sure Muddermark will agree!! LOL!

Another scalding hot day, and if any of us sit by the pool it won't be for long. Hope it's cooler where you are!! Hugs.