Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Blushing Blessings

I have had the  most frustrating day!  The best part was in posting this card.  Everything else I touched turned to  you-know-what!

My hand Dr. cannot see me until after the middle of June.  I go to Springfield Friday to demo for Rubbernecker Stamps.  RATS!

OK.  The Realtor will meet Mom and me tomorrow to list the house.  I will spend the day cleaning it.  RATS!

I had a Migraine last night, and the medicine has helped, but I am still nauseous, and I have the runs.  RATS!

DH took his car to be inspected this AM.........gave them the wrong key, so I had to take him back. RATS.

We are to have thunderstorms all afternoon. RATS!

There.  I think I feel better.  Have a great day...........and send some of that to me!