Monday, March 30, 2009

Never Ending Card

What a difficult time I had making this card! (Before I forget, the four faces of the card are in reverse order...the bottom one is the front, the top is the last. Okay?) This is the Never Ending card at SCS today, and you can see the directions here:
I kept getting a space I couldn't close on the back...maybe I didn't have the EXACT scoring. Anyway, I used 2 big 12 x 12 sheets, and finally finagled it to work. The stamping is not perfect, but I'm not gonna do another one...probably ever!! The photos are hard to get, with all the folding, and with another gloomy rainy day. Thanks for looking. You may want to see the rest of the cards uploaded to the gallery at SCS. Just put TLC214 in the Search box. Seeya!