Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Just grands! (CHF below)

Here is Erin in her new costume                                       and Tommy in his new braces!

Erin is an Irish Step dancer, and her costumes are gorgeous (thanks to Gram and great Gram)....... she's so pretty to begin with, and only prettier on the floor before the judges.  She helped design this dress, and was so pleased with the results.  She got a trophy in pink and gold on the first outing, and everyone stopped to stare at her in her favorite color, she said.

Tommy looks pretty happy in his braces, but only time will tell how happy he is!  My daughter called this AM to tell me she had posted his picture after she dropped him off at school.  He had Tylenol before and after, but tonight he's going to be sore.

That's the latest on two of the seven.......just in case you wanted an update (and even if you didn't!)

CHF Fisherman

Here's a card I made for friends who are big into fishing!! I used Cornish Heritage Farms digis - #193 Fisherman, and #1655 Fishing You.....

The bg is CHF's Netting.  I think they are perfect together.

CHF has so many wonderful images......in red rubber and digis.  Be sure to take a look HERE, and join us at the next CHF challenge on the 29th.