Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Just grands! (CHF below)

Here is Erin in her new costume                                       and Tommy in his new braces!

Erin is an Irish Step dancer, and her costumes are gorgeous (thanks to Gram and great Gram)....... she's so pretty to begin with, and only prettier on the floor before the judges.  She helped design this dress, and was so pleased with the results.  She got a trophy in pink and gold on the first outing, and everyone stopped to stare at her in her favorite color, she said.

Tommy looks pretty happy in his braces, but only time will tell how happy he is!  My daughter called this AM to tell me she had posted his picture after she dropped him off at school.  He had Tylenol before and after, but tonight he's going to be sore.

That's the latest on two of the seven.......just in case you wanted an update (and even if you didn't!)


Julia Aston said...

Wow - what a beautiful dress and Erin looks SO lovely in it! How lucky she is to have a gram and great gram. I sympathize with Tommy - I had braces for many, many years - I can still feel the cuts inside my lips!!

Kathy Bradley said...

Oh, Anne, your granddaughter is so gorgeous (magazine model pretty) and her costume is beautiful! Your grandson is darling and his cute picture made me smile. Congrats on two beautiful grandchildren and thanks for sharing the pics!

Charlene Merrick (LilLuvsStampin) said...

Erin is beautiful!! That is her color. I have a friend who use to do Irish step dancing...now she teaches it.

I hope Tommy is feeling good about his braces and looks forward to the end goal of beautiful teeth!

Joanne (jojot) said...

how wonderful....such sweet grandchildren and each a personality of their own.....tfs

Bev Gerard said...

What a gorgeous dancer! Erin looks so professional! Love seeing pics of Grands ... what Grammy wouldn't? You are blessed, and they are as well.