Friday, May 15, 2015

Fabulous Grands!!

Last night I attended the Achievement Awards at Wachusett High School, where two of my grandchildren matriculate.  Erin is a Senior and Tommy is a Freshman

Erin received the Achievement Award for her Excellence in Restaurant Management.  She has just returned from Anaheim CA where (after winning the statewide competition) she competed in the National Restaurant Association Pro Start Program against 48 teams, and came in 13th.  We are going to her graduation on June 6th, and she leaves July 6th for New England Culinary Institute.  Upon graduation, she will have a Bachelor's Degree in Pastry and Baking.

Tommy is a first year Latin student.  He took the International Latin exam (along with 11,000 other freshman) and scored a Level 1 Silver Maxima Cum Laude.  The award was a certificate and a silver medal.  Not a bad start to his High School years!

We are so proud of our grands!!

 Erin is the blond, third from the right.  As the names were called, they were added to the wall below.

 Tommy is the farthest student on the right.  and is already a tall and handsome guy!
Here is Tommy after receiving his award.

Thanks for looking, and allowing me to brag about my smart (and beautiful) high schoolers!