Sunday, November 1, 2009

RED Card and some Fussin'

This morning has been awful! I woke up at 2 AM and never went back to sleeep. Lying awake, I thought of a fabulous idea for a Birthday present for my Mom. I read the paper, saw the ads, and took off. Rite Aid no longer stocks coffee. Aborted mission. Went to Staples. They didn't open for another half hour. Checked out Stop & Shop....nothing. Went to Building 19 (a junky place that sometimes has good stuff). Nothing. Staples opened, and they didn't have what I went there for. Another aborted mission. I came home, and here I am uploading the card I made EARLY this morning. Thanks for letting me fuss.
My card is a case of Miss Boo, our Featured Stamper. All the details are on my post in my gallery. I'm much too far gone to add it all again. There is a link to my gallery on the left, farther down, if you really want to look. I hope my day gets better. Hope yours it GREAT!