Friday, March 27, 2009

Happy Birthday, You OLD guy!!

Just to prove that I really can do a card without RED, I have made another in black and white. This will go to my favorite cousin, Greg, who has a faaaaaabulous sense of humor (he even laughs at himself!). When he gets this in the mail, I am sure to get a phone call, reminding me that no matter how old he gets, I'll always be OLDER! And I will graciously accept it, as it's the truth.

Thanks for looking, and for your comments.

Oh, To Be In Italy

I confess that I really am a dope!! The LSC for today was to make a card using only black and white (and no RED!). You can imagine how hard that was for me. So I thought and thought, and the only thing that came to mind was foreign travel. I took out stamps for France, Africa, and Japan. Nothing. I put them all away, and began again. This time, I was satisfied with the stamps, and then got to work. I love these stamps of Italy......the Pisa Tower, La Giaconda, Italian only the barcode would fit as a sentiment, don't you think??? I had to add a rhinestone to her finger, since I couldn't use RED! So...then I uploaded to SCS. I commented on a few cards, and then it came to me.....if I couldn't use RED on the card, I could photograph it on a RED background!!! (Too soon old, too late smart!). Of course it will probably take hours for that to change on SCS, but here is what it will eventually look like.
Thanks for joining me today...make it a good one.