Thursday, April 2, 2009

Foil Failure

I got back this AM from the Dr. to find the WT was uploaded. Foil! Well, I hustled my bod into the pantry, and went to my addict....ahem...craft room to begin! All downhill from here, folks! First, I used a dbl layer of foil in my cb, and couldn't separate the layers. Then my big paper cutter didn't like the foil! I printed the bottom part of the saying in my own awful handwriting in RED, and I hated it. I cut it off, and tried again. I ran out of Basic Gray to put under the first part of the sentiment, so I had to piece it. As I was putting down the rest of the sentiment, I dropped it, and then couldn't MOVE it. When I saw I had a VERY empty corner, I put in a RED Sizzix diecut, and after I put it down, I thought it looked too girly! This was a good idea that went very WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. Please imagine it looking great! Hope my day gets better. Oh! We ARE joining friends for lunch at our fav Chinese Buffet, so that will be okay, but our diet must begin in earnest on Monday! Have a good day!