Saturday, September 5, 2009

Winter Trees

The Inspiration Challenge today featured Moyna Bags. How fabulous they all were. I started with the section called RED BAGS! I'll just bet you are so surprised!! AHA! But I didn't choose one from there. The Winter Bags had this beautiful RED and silver evening bag, and it made me think of silver trees. I took a picture of both my card and what inspired it so you could compare. I have been in the process of thinking about Christmas cards..........mind you, merely THINKING, but this was so Christmas-y I thought, why not get started! I hope you like it.

We are at home for the whole weekend........we have our DGS Jake (whose picture you have seen here before) tonight for a "sleep-over", but no other plans. Maybe some grilling, but that's all. I hope you are having a safe and fun Labor Day too!! TTFN.