Monday, June 1, 2009

Layered With Flowers

I know, I know.......still no RED! {(Don't PUSH me, jojot!)} This card is a case of one of Roxie Glaza's beautiful cards. She was the FS yesterday. I love Roxie's sketches, and case her cards all the time. Mom was here for a very busy weekend, but we did find time to make a couple of cards, and this is one we cased on fitting for the FS to have what we had cased!

Mom just went home. We entertained friends Saturday night, and had our youngest grandson John's First Communion on Sunday morning. There was a party afterwards, and then we attended part of grandson Tommy's Lacrosse game. About twenty minutes into the game, it started to sprinkle. When the sprinkles turned to outright pouring, the game was called. What we saw was such fun........I had never seen Lacrosse played, so it was very new to me!!

Today I am really tired. No sleep for days. Actually, I sleep, but only in fits and starts, so I never feel rested. Gotta get back to my neurosurgeon and see what more he can do for me. He mentioned cortisone shots in my neck, and maybe that's the way to go. Pain is radiating up on both sides of my head along the nerves. Wait!!!.......aren't these supposed to be the Golden Years???????????

Today we are picking up grandson Jake after school, and he'll be here for supper. His Mom has her next-to-last Track meet, and Dad has a meeting and a dinner, so Jake is ours for a while. He announced yesterday that he is 9 and 3/4! I guess every bit helps!!

I'll be reading and lying low today until Jake is here. Hope you are getting some rest too after a busy and fun weekend. Hugs to you all!