Friday, February 13, 2009

Collage of 1944

The LSC today was to do something you don't normally do. With apologies to my GF One4Joy, I have attempted a collage. I like the results, but it may be the only one I ever try! This is for Mom....everything on this card represents some fond memory of hers. I will hand it to her, not mail it, because I want to see her reaction. Of course she will cry, but she will love it.

I included: her mother's "favorite" button (she had about 6 million of these!), a camera for taking photos at lighthouses, an ad for sewing thread, a picture at the beach, her favorite saying, an envelope from when I was born, music, dance, her favorite color ribbon, and the couple that is popped up looks just like her and my father as they were in 1944! The key and heart are self-explanatory.

I had fun on the walk down memory lane, just doing this. Thanks for joining me here today, and I love your comments, one and all!