Friday, March 6, 2015

Congratulations Erin and Jordan!

Our granddaughter Erin, and her team partner Jordan won FIRST PLACE in the Pro Start State Competition.  You can read about Pro Start HERE.  They were in First Place at the local level, and were so delighted to win at the state level.  They received a $15,000. scholarship each to their respective culinary schools when they graduate from high school.

Here are  Jordan and Erin:

Now they will compete in the Pro Start Invitationals in Anaheim CA April 18-20.  This competition is sponsored by the National Restaurant Association, who pays their plane and hotel expenses.  They also will receive scholarships from the Association, and will be honored with a dinner in June by the MA state assn.

We are so proud of the girls, and so pleased that the hard work that went into their presentations has been rewarded!!

 Hooray for our Erin and Jordan!!