Sunday, September 8, 2013

Our 50th Anniversary!

Today is our 50th Anniversary!  Who knew the time would go by so fast!!

This is the "card" I made for my Hubby, an explosion box.  It's the first I've ever made, and I learned a lot doing it!

50 years ago, the night before going back to college, we eloped to NH, accompanied by my best friend and her fiancee.  We told NO ONE until graduation, and I guess nobody was really surprised, just that they expected to be invited to the wedding (which neither of us wanted!!)  All these years, three kids, seven grandkids later, we still enjoy each other.  We laugh every day, and are still glad to be together.

Here's to my husband........handsome, tall, funny, clever, smart, hard-working, and even though I am such HIGH-maintenance, he still loves me.  Who could ask for more?