Saturday, April 12, 2014

A card for Saturday's Inspiration

Here's the card I made today..........
It was inspired by this:
Stef gave us a site that has designs for book covers, invitations, all kinds of artistic design.  I saw another piece that was RED and black, and I'm sure someone will be surprised that wasn't my choice today!

Mom and I have been battling some kind of yucky something that makes us feel light-headed and just not so good all over.  Our card making has suffered, but today we thought we might feel a little better if we went to the craft room.  So far, we feel about the same.  We hope it's a short term thing.

The sun is out today (hooray!), DH is at U Lowell officiating at a Track Meet, so we have nothing we must do.  A day of rest.  Hope you are having a day of rest too.  Bye.