Thursday, April 24, 2014

CCEE1417 April Showers

Kathy Bradley has been our hostess for the month of April.  For her last theme, Kathy has challenged us to make a card depicting what April Showers mean to us (flowers, weeds, mowing, sun, warmer temperatures, etc.).  In our house, April Showers mean water in the basement!  Not a lot.........not enough to get fixed (it's not fixable!), just enough to be annoying, and sopping up with some towels.  That's April here.  We all have a sense of humor about it, since that's about all we can do.  Here's my card:

Please join us, and be sure to link your card or project HERE so we can enjoy it too.  See you next week.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

CCEE1416 Favorite Movie/Star

Kathy's challenge to us today is to make a card that reflects our VERY favorite movie or movie star (which we have to identify).

Here's my card:

High Plains Drifter is my favorite movie, and Clint Eastwood is the star.  He again plays the "man with no name".  In the movie, he is an avenger against a whole town that watched some really bad guys kill the sheriff.  He makes the people paint all the buildings RED, and changes the name of the town from Lagos to HELL.  When the bad guys come back, he leaves the town to fight for itself, which it doesn't do, and he quietly rides away and fades into the distance.  I love it.  I think I've probably seen it 20 times.

And just because my favorite color is RED, it was so easy to make a card for this challenge!!

Please join us!!  Link your card to our blog HERE.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

A card for Saturday's Inspiration

Here's the card I made today..........
It was inspired by this:
Stef gave us a site that has designs for book covers, invitations, all kinds of artistic design.  I saw another piece that was RED and black, and I'm sure someone will be surprised that wasn't my choice today!

Mom and I have been battling some kind of yucky something that makes us feel light-headed and just not so good all over.  Our card making has suffered, but today we thought we might feel a little better if we went to the craft room.  So far, we feel about the same.  We hope it's a short term thing.

The sun is out today (hooray!), DH is at U Lowell officiating at a Track Meet, so we have nothing we must do.  A day of rest.  Hope you are having a day of rest too.  Bye.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

CCEE1415 Bunny or an Egg

For Kathy's 2nd challenge, a card for Easter with a bunny and/or an egg.  Here's mine:

I put my sweet bunny (wearing her Easter bonnet) on dimensionals, over two different nestabilities.  She is surrounded by flowers in purple with white pearl centers.  The big double bow matches her hat and dress.  I think she's pretty spiffy!

Please join us, and link your card HERE.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Sore Fingers, fabulous results!

After much consideration, I decided to take my stamps off their wood and sponge, and deal only with the rubber.  I started this painful project about two weeks ago, and thanks to some help from my mother and DH, I finished yesterday.

I ordered Stamp DVD cases (300 of them!), and put the stamps inside, labeling the spines, and of course, alphabetizing them.  My SU sets are separate, also my holiday themes.  From now on, it's acrylic blocks for me.  I can't believe I got them all in one bookcase!

Here are the boxes I emptied of stamps.  Some of them were in my craft room, and others were under beds upstairs.  This does NOT include all my SU sets that were already in my craft room.  Luckily, I didn't count boxes, cases or stamps, or I might have had more than palpitations!

 This is the single bookcase that holds all the stamps.  Beside is obviously the case holding the large bg stamps I didn't peel off. 

Here is an example of two SU sets in one case.  Under the plastic on the outside are the pages from the catalog showing which stamps are included, so I don't have to open a case to know what's inside.

I still have TONS of work to do, but I had been asked what I was doing unmounting my stuff, so here is where I am.

My fingers need to heal, then I'll be back.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

CCEE1414 Different Stamps

Our hostess for the month of April is Kathy Bradley.  Her first challenge too us is to use 3 different stamps/digital images (a sentiment CANNOT be one of the stamps/images).

Here's mine:

I used three different owl images, a branch for them to sit on from Sizzix, and LOTS of leaves.  The bg paper is a tree.  I'm not very fond of the coloring, so I hope I made up for it with the googlie eyes and dimensionals.

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