Saturday, April 5, 2014

Sore Fingers, fabulous results!

After much consideration, I decided to take my stamps off their wood and sponge, and deal only with the rubber.  I started this painful project about two weeks ago, and thanks to some help from my mother and DH, I finished yesterday.

I ordered Stamp DVD cases (300 of them!), and put the stamps inside, labeling the spines, and of course, alphabetizing them.  My SU sets are separate, also my holiday themes.  From now on, it's acrylic blocks for me.  I can't believe I got them all in one bookcase!

Here are the boxes I emptied of stamps.  Some of them were in my craft room, and others were under beds upstairs.  This does NOT include all my SU sets that were already in my craft room.  Luckily, I didn't count boxes, cases or stamps, or I might have had more than palpitations!

 This is the single bookcase that holds all the stamps.  Beside is obviously the case holding the large bg stamps I didn't peel off. 

Here is an example of two SU sets in one case.  Under the plastic on the outside are the pages from the catalog showing which stamps are included, so I don't have to open a case to know what's inside.

I still have TONS of work to do, but I had been asked what I was doing unmounting my stuff, so here is where I am.

My fingers need to heal, then I'll be back.


Joanne Travis said...

Job well done, Anne!! Love how much space you saved by doing this.

Stef H said...

i've been doing that for years. it's the best ever. gives you more space and works just as well as if they remained on the wood. great job!!!
P.S. my fingers are always black because i'm always redoing something with the stamps!!

have a great weekend!

hugs :)

Joanne (jojot) said... have room for MORE must have been your motivation for this colossal job......

Congrats, my friend......wish I had your motivation and drive....

Julia Aston said...

Wowza Anne! what a job - and you did it! how wonderful to have it all melted down to one bookshelf! good for you!