Monday, May 4, 2009

Simple Pleasures

Embossed Wax Paper Resist is such a fun technique! Besides, it gives me a reason to own an iron!! DH laughed when he saw it on the counter this morning.......he said, "Oh. I see you're doing the challenge today!" He knows me VERY well!! I used a digi stamp from Hambo Stamps. It was free, and the result of looking at glitterbabe's blog (thanks, Stef!), where she had posted a card using this digi. I thought it was cute, and my mind went right to the cb Tiny Bubbles folder.

My simple pleasures in the summer revolve around the pool, a cool drink, a book, and grandkids and kids enjoying it with me. DH prefers the shaded porch, with an occasional dip to cool off. SIDE STORY: When we were first dating in 1961 (WOW!), he said he would pick me up for the beach. I packed a nice lunch, radio, know, what you would take. I got things all out on the sand, he ran into the water, came back on the beach, and said he was ready to go. I found out what he thought the beach was for..........swimming. Last time we went!!!

We have just opened the pool, and it is green, COLD, and I am NOT in it. In fact, I don't go in until the water is 80 degrees. Until then, I am content to use the hot tub, and bask. Only the little kids go in when the water is not so warm........apparently it doesn't bother them so much!!
Our plants survived the winter, and we are slowly getting some needed yardwork done. It's supposed to rain most of the week, so not much will get weeded. I guess I'll have to be in my craft room. Oh Darn!! LOL! Have a wonderful day!!