Monday, March 22, 2010

Memories of NY

Two challenges today, the TLC.....Childhood Memories ... and CAS ..... NY,NY.
For the TLC :When I was 6, we moved from MA to OH. Every time my Dad had a vacation, we got up and left the house at 5 AM and he drove 26 hours back to MA, so my Mom could visit her family. The drive was awful. There was no Ohio TPK! We went through every little tiny town!! It seemed to go on forever. I took no notice of the scenery until we came to NY. That skyline said we'd be at my grandparents' soon. I remember the excitement, and still get that same heart-turning-over thrill when I see NY.
For the CAS: When my grandson Tommy was almost three, his family went to Boston to pick up a friend who was going to spend Easter with them. As they approached downtown, little Tommy said, "Is this New York? Are we in New York City?" We never have an inkling as to what little ones know, do we? Now, whenever we go to Boston, we always repeat his words in a little boy voice!! It has become one of our family stories.
Thanks for joining me on a trip down Memory Lane this morning. Have a great day!!