Thursday, April 17, 2014

CCEE1416 Favorite Movie/Star

Kathy's challenge to us today is to make a card that reflects our VERY favorite movie or movie star (which we have to identify).

Here's my card:

High Plains Drifter is my favorite movie, and Clint Eastwood is the star.  He again plays the "man with no name".  In the movie, he is an avenger against a whole town that watched some really bad guys kill the sheriff.  He makes the people paint all the buildings RED, and changes the name of the town from Lagos to HELL.  When the bad guys come back, he leaves the town to fight for itself, which it doesn't do, and he quietly rides away and fades into the distance.  I love it.  I think I've probably seen it 20 times.

And just because my favorite color is RED, it was so easy to make a card for this challenge!!

Please join us!!  Link your card to our blog HERE.