Friday, August 6, 2010

Flowers from Grandma's Garden

My garden is in hiatus.........blooms for early summer have faded, and late summer are getting ready. It's been so hot that there are weeds aplenty!!

I remember so fondly my Gram's garden and the beautiful and sweet-smelling flowers she called pinks (dianthus). since I happened to have the set from Mark's Finest Papers called Butterflies, Dianthus, and Flourishes, this was a no-brainer!!

I love to cut things out, and had fun with these. I really like them in shades of RED (who knew?!), and hope you do too.

We are getting things packed up for Fran to take home tomorrow *SIGH*, and will do a lunch out again today. Hope you are having a wonderful Friday. Hugs to you all.