Tuesday, June 29, 2010

CC277, MMTPT100, The End

For two challenges, the CC, and MMTPT. I really like this combination of colors, and would never have thought of putting these together. I hope you like how I did it.

For MMTPT100, with apologies to EVERYONE!!

Silly Sydney has some power
On her board she has a flower.
She just needs Kahuna Kai,
And some surf, and that's no lie!

Silly Sydney hates his bud,
Thinks Moondoggie's just a dud ...
Surfin' surfin' all the day,
Always in the couple's way.

Silly Sydney wants some space
When she kisses K.Kai's face.
Tells Moondoggie "three's a crowd,
Get a life, fer cryin' out loud!"

Silly Sydney's got Kai now
(batted her lashes - she knew how!)
Fixed HIS friend up with HER friend.
Now the foursome's fine. The End.

This is what happens when you wake up with a migraine at 4 AM, then have to drive an hour to a funeral, have dinner there, and have a glass of wine, drive to the grocery store to stock up for a party on Saturday, put away the food after making the hamburgers, then look at the Teapot challenge. Maybe I should just go back to bed!!

A quick report on yesterday.......DH and I met Julia (artystamper) and her DH for dinner. We yakked for two hours, and hated to see the time fly by so fast. I hope they will be at our party on Saturday, but I have warned Julia about my addiction...er....craft room. I just hope her heart is strong enough for what a mess she will see!! Hugs to you all, especially Julia and Kent!!