Tuesday, June 29, 2010

CC277, MMTPT100, The End

For two challenges, the CC, and MMTPT. I really like this combination of colors, and would never have thought of putting these together. I hope you like how I did it.

For MMTPT100, with apologies to EVERYONE!!

Silly Sydney has some power
On her board she has a flower.
She just needs Kahuna Kai,
And some surf, and that's no lie!

Silly Sydney hates his bud,
Thinks Moondoggie's just a dud ...
Surfin' surfin' all the day,
Always in the couple's way.

Silly Sydney wants some space
When she kisses K.Kai's face.
Tells Moondoggie "three's a crowd,
Get a life, fer cryin' out loud!"

Silly Sydney's got Kai now
(batted her lashes - she knew how!)
Fixed HIS friend up with HER friend.
Now the foursome's fine. The End.

This is what happens when you wake up with a migraine at 4 AM, then have to drive an hour to a funeral, have dinner there, and have a glass of wine, drive to the grocery store to stock up for a party on Saturday, put away the food after making the hamburgers, then look at the Teapot challenge. Maybe I should just go back to bed!!

A quick report on yesterday.......DH and I met Julia (artystamper) and her DH for dinner. We yakked for two hours, and hated to see the time fly by so fast. I hope they will be at our party on Saturday, but I have warned Julia about my addiction...er....craft room. I just hope her heart is strong enough for what a mess she will see!! Hugs to you all, especially Julia and Kent!!


Julia Aston said...

Oh my gosh Anne - what a day you have had - makes me glad I'm at work today!!! (well, almost!)

Love your relaxing beach color/teapot card! I'd love to be in that spot!

You betcha we'll be there on Sat! but you have to promise to not have a migraine!

Wanda Cullen said...

Love your card and your poem! What fun to meet up with Julia again...sounds like fun!

Joanne Travis said...

Love this cute little penguin and the matching paper!! SO fun!!

Anne said...

You did awesome with this card after all that trauma!! Hopefully all is better now!

Give Julia a big hug for me!!

Peggy said...

Your card and poem is adorable! Just love meeting up with stamping friends! Have a great week and weekend!

Joan Ervin said...

This is adorable, Anne...I can't believe you went all day with a migraine and managed to creat this super sweet card....you're da woman!!!! I had one yesterday, too, and used it as an excuse to do nothing...LOL!!!

Edna Morrisedie said...

Hope your feeling better!

This is lots of fun... hoola doola!