Thursday, April 23, 2009

Moon Maiden

Today is the "changing of the guard" so to speak. Samantha has gone home, and Mom is arriving with my other DGD. Erin has been staying with my mother for a few days, and it's really too far for her to drive, so we will take Erin home after lunch. We are going to the Chinese restaurant I took Sam to yesterday...can you OD on Chinese food???? Mom will stay for the weekend, and of course, we will play.
This card is for the WT , white, white, white. I love to make white cards! However, this stamp has been begging all week, and white just wouldn't work for this image, so gold seemed to be it. I love to emboss, and MS punches are so very nice...........I just popped the image up and added a beautiful white and gold ribbon. Hope you like it.
The rain is gone...YAY! Hope it's sunny and nice where you are.