Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Nutty Morning!

Literally from the sublime to the ridiculous! The WT challenge this morning was to pizzazz up your sentiment. I thought I would look in my sentiment drawer for a word or two, and came up with "Greetings From the Nut House", which this is at all times. In place of the nut, I stamped an acorn to match this wonderful paper from The Paper Patch. Then I dug out my MOMR faceless Mona Lisa, and my favorite Groucho face, put one over the other, and voila - a card for a friend who will think this is funny.

I was in that kind of mood this know, the one where everything strikes you as hilarious???? I seem to have a lot of them (could it relate to being retired???)

Anyway, I hope you get a smile or a chuckle out of this. Don't let me be the only one who sees the humor in it.

Have a great day. Tomorrow I'll be back to normal, or at least more normal!