Friday, September 3, 2010

Winter Bird

I cannot tell you how hard it was NOT to make this bird RED! The challenge today was to make something with a bird, and use a color from your non-favorite palette. Blue is right there!!

Everyone else in the family, with the exception of one grandson (RED), and DD (yellow), loves blue. Yuck.

Anyway, this is an image from MFP's set called Tweet Blessings, which I just adore. The tree and bird are markered, and I used acrylic paint to add a little snow on the branches and ground. The snowflake charm is from MFP as well. I know you can figure out the rest.

It's very peaceful here. Mom went home yesterday, and is doing well. I have an incredible mess to pick up, but have NO other plans, except to go out for lunch and make comments that I've sorely neglected for the past week that Mom was here.

Have a wonderful long weekend, and cross your fingers for those of us who are anticipating a visit from Hurricane Earl.