Friday, March 2, 2012

Casing Judy's Flowers and a Giraffe for Easter

Our QFTD today is Judy Rozema.  She has the most wonderful gallery filled with lovely cards (and lots of giraffes!)

I cased her card, changing the yellow to blue, the layout is a speck different, and I added a black ribbon (which I hope  you can see!)

I may go back and do another card for her.......a giraffe maybe????

We have ice under the snow, so we will probably hunker down where we are.  Hate winter!!  Seeya.

I couldn't let the day go by without making another card for Judy.  I mentioned the giraffe in my earlier post, and cased a card of hers called "Stretch".

I made her card into an Easter card, and it will probably go to one of the grands.....they ALL have a great sense of humor.  They really enjoy getting cards, especially because I always put in some $.

I think Judy will get a smile out of this one.

That's it.  No more additions or edits for me today.