Friday, March 2, 2012

Casing Judy's Flowers and a Giraffe for Easter

Our QFTD today is Judy Rozema.  She has the most wonderful gallery filled with lovely cards (and lots of giraffes!)

I cased her card, changing the yellow to blue, the layout is a speck different, and I added a black ribbon (which I hope  you can see!)

I may go back and do another card for her.......a giraffe maybe????

We have ice under the snow, so we will probably hunker down where we are.  Hate winter!!  Seeya.

I couldn't let the day go by without making another card for Judy.  I mentioned the giraffe in my earlier post, and cased a card of hers called "Stretch".

I made her card into an Easter card, and it will probably go to one of the grands.....they ALL have a great sense of humor.  They really enjoy getting cards, especially because I always put in some $.

I think Judy will get a smile out of this one.

That's it.  No more additions or edits for me today.


Becky said...

Anne, these are great! Love the giraffe coming out of the egg...I need to get over to Judy's gallery and make something, too.

Crystal said...

These are fabulous Anne!!!!! LOVE that blue on the first card!

Kathy Bradley said...

Blues, blues, blues - my favorite color! Both cards are wonderful, Anne, the top card being very pretty and elegant - and the second card being truly adorable - I love the blue giraffe - big smiles!

Joanne (jojot) said... are a rockin' da blues today.....gorgeous (the first) to cute (the giraffe)