Thursday, March 6, 2014

CCEE 1410 Art

Our hostess for the month of March is Joanne.  Here is her challenge to us:

Michaelangelo's birthday was March 6, 1475.  Let's honor this wonderful artist with our cards this week.  Either have a sentiment that refers to ART in some way or have an image that shows an artistic tool (ex. paintbrush, pen, artist palette).  Let's get our artsy vibes flowing.

Here's mine:

Everything here is Italian - the script, the book pages, the stamp.  Oh wait.the pen and glasses are not....or maybe they are!

I used parchment paper, and predominantly Sepia ink.  The pen nib is gold, and the barrel of the pen an old-looking green.  I had the stamp just begging to be used with a blob of ink, and the glasses have shiny frames.  I hope you like it.  I had such fun putting it together.

Please join us, linking your creation HERE.