Sunday, February 12, 2012

Featured Stamper - My Friend Kathy!!!

My friend Kathy Bradley (101Airborne) is Featured Stamper today on SCS.  Kathy and I are cyber friends, serving on two teams together, MFP and CCEE.

I cased her first card in sage, with one in the same color.  I changed the image to one that is a sneak peek for MFP's Blog Hop on Tuesday here.  The wolf is from the set called North American Woods.  I just love the animals in this set.

Kathy has so many beautiful cards in her gallery, that casing just one wasn't enough.

I'm sure you can figure out just why I cased a card in RED, black and gray. 

Kathy's card was Asian as well.  All I changed was the giesha and character, but kept everything else.

Kathy, enjoy being Featured stamper this week! You so deserve this honor.

Today we also celebrate DH's birthday with the kids and grands.  DS David and family are sick with the stomach bug that's going around, so thankfully they will stay home and not infect the rest of us.  Paul, Debbie, and Jake will be here from Hudson, and Tom, Amy, Erin, Tommy and John will come from Holden.  There will be just enough cake for us all.

DH's birthday is on Valentine's day, so we'll celebrate again on Tuesday.  We love it when we can enjoy a birthday for more than one day!!! 

Have a great day too, and sorry there won't be cake and ice cream for you all!