Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Not a love story

I have a sad story to tell today. Emily's color challenge prompted this card.....

Frankie Frog is in love with Betty Butterfly! he watches her every day, as she flits from flower to flower, hoping she will notice him. He has a lovely smile, and is tremendously patient. Nevertheless, every day, she doesn't see him, and even if she did, they come from two different worlds. She comes from the world of the air, he, from the water. They don't even speak the same language...he croaks, she is mute. Love is all around, but, alas, not for them. *sigh*

This story has no ending...sometimes love is really unrequited!

I love the stamps I put together for this card... Stampendous (larger flower), Amuse (small flower), Stamp Oasis (Betty), a Flower For All Seasons - SU (Frankie), and Inspired by Nature - SU (stems). I took this photo early this morning, so it's a little dark. I hope you can see the stickles, and that you like it! Thanks for looking.